What makes commercial vehicles different from passenger vehicles?

What makes commercial vehicles different from passenger vehicles?

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What makes commercial vehicles different from passenger vehicles?

When it comes to accidents in Louisiana, the worst ones often involve commercial vehicles. There are really good reasons why these vehicles lead to such severe accidents. It comes down to the differences between the two types of vehicles. As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains, a commercial truck and passenger vehicle are two very different machines with many key differences.

The most obvious difference between the two types of vehicles is the size. The size difference is huge and leads to more differences. For example, because a truck is bigger and weighs more, it takes much longer to stop and is harder to maneuver than a passenger vehicle. It also creates large blind spots that limit the viewing angles of the truck driver. Furthermore, due to the great size, there is more mass coming at you when you and a truck are involved in an accident.

The large size also creates a major height difference. This ties into the visibility of your vehicle when it is around a large truck. This also increases the possibility that the truck will roll over, which is a problem most passenger vehicles do not have. In high winds, for example, it poses a safety risk that a truck will be blown over. It also means wind can travel under the truck, pushing your vehicle as you travel beside it.

All of these differences create risks on the roadway when you share it with a large truck. You have to be aware that it operates much more differently to your vehicle and give trucks the space they need on the road. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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