Mercedes adds AMG, Maybach EVs to meet emissions targets

Mercedes adds AMG, Maybach EVs to meet emissions targets

To drive business in the next decade, Mercedes-Benz is counting heavily on its premium subbrands. Part of that plan will see the luxury automaker introduce electric variants of its high-performance Mercedes-AMG brand, its ultraluxury Mercedes-Maybach brand and the G-Class off- roader.

Electrifying those high-end nameplates would allow Mercedes to meet escalating vehicle emissions targets — especially in Europe and China — without compromising the driving performance customers expect.

Daimler CEO Ola Källenius described the decision as a "deliberate strategy" toward decarbonization.

"We believe as a society and as an industry, we are on a path toward CO2 neutrality," Källenius said in a media roundtable last week. "We have said we want to do it on the passenger-car side within three life cycles. So, if that is the ultimate goal, we need to get on with it."

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