Ways to Fix Car Dent

Ways to Fix Car Dent

Fixing a car dent means using different devices and materials like a dent puller, hammer, boiling water, body filler, and finishing glaze. Using these tools requires levels of expertise and know-how. Picking which way to repair the dent of your car can save you hundreds of dollars or cost you more depending on your ability to fix it and your confidence in yourself to do it.


How to Fix Car Dent


Listed below are cost-effective strategies to repair your car dent. Make sure to test it out first before attempting to fix it:


Use a dent puller


This is the easiest way of repairing your car’s dent. You can purchase a high-quality dent puller online or from your local hardware store. They come in different shapes and sizes. But the principle behind these devices is relatively the same.


A dent puller is, basically, a big suction pup that pulls the section of your car exterior that was damaged. You just need to put a dent puller over that particular area and pull it out until the dent is fixed.


Use boiling water


This is particularly effective on plastic surfaces like the bumper cover of your car.  To do this, you must first boil some clean water from the tap, and then pour a portion on the dented part of the bumper. This is to soften it up so that you can push the dent out. Check the car dent and see if it is soft enough so that you can restore the part to its original shape.


If you cannot push the dent out from the inside, you can try to use a hairdryer to warm it. You then have to use compressed air to expand the surface.


Use a hammer


For car dents that can easily be fixed by yourself, you can try to use a hammer or rubber mallet. As you hammer the dented part from the inside, partner the tool with a dolly to shape the metal part. Make sure that the dolly that use utilize is the same shape as the dent.


Check the dented part if it is restored to its original shape. If not, you can try to hammer it again until you get your desired shape.


Use body filler


If you know how to use tools like grinders and sanding blocks, you can try to repair the car dent using body fillers. To do this, you must first prep the car by cleaning it. You can then remove the paint using sandpaper.  After removing all paint chips using a tack cloth, you then prepare and put the body filler on the section where it is dented.


You can do 2 or 3 coats of body filler as needed. This is done to completely fill the dent so that it is restored to the original shape of the car. Use a sander to smoothen out the section.


After completing the steps, you can then use a primer for the car and then paint it with the same color as the rest of the exterior of the vehicle.



Car dents are almost always part of owning a vehicle. Accidents happen. And we cannot do anything about it other than fix it. We have a number of options that we can use to restore the exterior of the car. We can use a hairdryer, boiling water, or a specialized dent puller. If you are not confident in repairing it yourself, your only other choice is to ask help from a car repair professional. Whether you do it yourself or seek the expertise of contractors, you should always find ways to take care of car dents and the overall maintenance of the vehicle.

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