What is ATV riding?

What is ATV riding?

It is no surprise that ATV riding became my favorite type of riding. I enjoy racing and all kinds of riding. Although it is true that you can use ATVs for work, moving in snow/mud and riding trails, there are also extreme uses for ATVs.

Is ATV riding considered a sport? ATV riding is not a sport in and of itself (ex. Hauling farm equipment.) But there are many forms of ATV riding that one can consider as a sport, including competitions. These ATV/sport riding options include competition riding, timed events and races (motocross).

There is more to ATV riding than racing on a track or timing. ATV racing is a skillful sport that requires practice and skill. This is why you can tell the difference between riders by their riding skills, experience, and what type of competition they are participating in. Continue reading for more information about ATV riding as an activity.


What are the Types of ATV Sports?

There are many forms of ATV racing competitions. Usually, they take the form of a race that is scored or placed differently. Here are some of the most popular ATV racing competitions:

Trail Racing

ATV Trail Racing is a sport where both novice and experienced ATV riders drive through wooded or mountainous trails to reach their destination. Their physical endurance is tested by the twists and turns of the trail. Trail racing competitions are usually categorized according to their skill level.


Motocross is a sport that uses off-road motorcycles. However, this is still comparable to ATV competitions. The riders of this sport uses high level endurance so that they can navigate with a speed their own way in a closed circuit that have various flat surfaces and hills.

Hill Climbing

Hill climbing is a challenging sport that requires experience and safety precautions. ATV hill climbers must balance the weight of their vehicles with their own as they race each other to the finish line, due to the fact that ATVs can tip over on steep terrain.

Cross-Country (Woods) Racing

Cross-country or woods racing, as its name suggests, is an ATV racing form in which competitors start at the same place and "sprint" to the finish. The riders will be using their agility, endurance, and speed in navigating the terrain’s elevated surfaces.

Desert Racing (Hare Scrambles)

Desert racing, which is similar to cross-country woods race, will take ATV riders across desert sands. In this type of ride, the riders are required to use their whole body in steering the vehicles along the elevated surfaces.


ATV speedway racing can be different depending on the surface. This will generally be an enclosed circuit. However, different organizations categorize ATV speedway racing as pavement, dirt,  snow and other surfaces.

Ice Racing

ATV Ice Racing tests the riders' skills and endurance. ATV riders must avoid sliding on icy and snow-covered surfaces as they race to the finish.

Drag Racing

ATV drag racing is an extreme form of speed and adrenaline pumping. It is where two or more ATV riders race to see who can go the fastest.

Flat Track

Flat track ATV racing is precisely what it sounds – the ATV riders race on a flat, smooth surface. This will most often be a dirt track, as opposed to the paved surface that is more common for speedway racing.

Although it may seem like there are many competitions, these allow people to tailor their strengths. Different environments will require different tires, training, and weight. Also, before you join any competitions, see to it that you practice well enough. A great ATV that you can use in your practices, and even in your competitions, is the 250cc Chinese atv. You will need to be prepared for certain types of competitions depending on where you live as it is important to have a variety among regions and competitors.


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