Best Cheap Motorcycles for Beginners

Best Cheap Motorcycles for Beginners

7 Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Adults That Are Cheap & Reliable

Looking for the best cheap dirt bikes for adults that are reliable? If you’re on a budget but still want a quality motorbike (if you’re across the pond), I want to show you the best beginner dirt bikes for adults, as well as motocross bikes that are still affordable and reliable.

Obviously, you’re going to have to buy used if you want an inexpensive first dirt bike, so you also have to find a used bike in good shape. I’ll include some tips for that as well so that you save time and money

How much are dirt bikes for adults?

The price of a new dirt bike for adults greatly varies because there are many different brands as well as types and sizes of bikes. For a top name brand dirt bike, you can expect to spend $5,000-12,000, with a new trail dirt bike for adults on the low end and the best MX or dual sport bikes at the high end.

However, you have more affordable options when considering a used dirt bike or a cheap dirt bike brand. You can get a good dirt bike that’s used but reliable for less than $2000.

Struggling to pay your bills because your dirt biking hobby is so expensive?

If you want a brand new off-road motorcycle for adults under 2000, you’ll have to pick one of the off-brand dirt bikes, which have some positive and some negative features, which I’ll cover later in this article. They can work great if you just want a starter dirt bike to first see if you want to continue dirt biking.

Why are enduro dirt bikes so expensive?

I consider an enduro dirt bike to be a high performance trail bike. An example would be the Yamaha YZ250FX. They are a lot more expensive than a trail bike, such as the TTR230, because of all of the technology and R&D.

Trail bikes don’t change that much over 5-10 years, so dirt bikes brands don’t have to invest in new equipment to change them. This saves money, as well as time, which equates to more money.

Enduro bikes continue to get better because the companies keep investing time and money to test and and tune them. This is why they are so expensive compared to a beginner trail bike

What type of dirt bike do you need?

Before you even start looking, you need to figure out which type of dirt bike you want based on the kind of riding you’ll be doing.

These are the 4 main types of dirt bikes:

Trail bike – cheaper, reliable, best for beginners and casual trail riding

– cheaper, reliable, best for beginners and casual trail riding Dual sport bike – reliable, good for on road and off-road riding

– reliable, good for on road and off-road riding Motocross bike – high-performance, requires more maintenance, best for racing on motocross tracks for more experienced riders

– high-performance, requires more maintenance, best for racing on motocross tracks for more experienced riders Enduro bike – high-performance trail bike for experienced trail riders

Trail riding on a “girls” bike is cheap and fun

What size dirt bike is best for adults?

The seat height and size of the engine can make a big difference when it comes to having fun and staying safe, especially if you’re just starting out.

Having a low enough seat height will give you some extra confidence because you can touch the ground with your foot, although it matters less if you’re an experienced rider because you’ll have good balance.

Some people like to skip right to a 300 2 stroke or 450 4-stroke because they can handle the power… or so they think. I always recommend starting on a dirt bike that’s in the 125cc-250cc size range as an adult, but it also depends on the type of bike, as well as your height and weight.

Full size dirt bike (what is it?)

A full size dirt bike is simply an off-road motorcycle that has full-size wheels, which is 21 inches in the front and 19 or 18 inches in the rear. This gives you a distinct handling difference compared to a dirt bike with smaller wheels because the larger wheels handle better on rougher terrain.

The diameter of the wheels and tires of a full-size dirt bike are 21″ and 18 or 19″

The only problem with a full-size dirt bike if you’re short like me, is that with bigger wheels comes a taller seat height.

Naturally, this makes it harder to touch the ground, but that’s why more companies have come out with trail dirt bikes with a lower seat height while still keeping the full-size wheels to take advantage of the better handling for trail riding.

Riding trails in Montana on my sweet CRF230 with full-size wheels

2 stroke vs 4 stroke for adult beginners

2 stroke dirt bikes have gotten a lot easier to ride in the past 10 years with the updated enduro models – but I still don’t recommend them if you’re new to dirt biking. They’re just a little to hard to control as a beginner because they have quite a bit of power for their size.

Riding in the mountains can be done on a 2 stroke or 4 stroke

If you’re truly a beginner, I recommend picking a cheaper 4 stroke trail bike that’s air-cooled. An air-cooled engine has smoother and more predictable power, making it very easy to ride and learn on. It’s also simple and easy to maintain.

What are the best cheap dirt bikes for adult beginners?

As a beginner, this short list of the best cheap dirt bikes for adults is only air-cooled 4 strokes, but there are different brands and sizes to choose from. They all work great, but you need to choose which ones fit you best, and then see what’s available for sale in your local market.

So, these are the top dirt bikes for adults that are cheap and reliable:

Yamaha TTR125

The TTR125 is one of my favorite beginner bikes for teens and adults because it’s cheap and small, but the large wheel model is still big enough if you’re an averaged sized adult.

It’s super easy to ride and learn the clutch on, and there are thousands of them out there. Yamaha has 4 different TTR 125 models, including small and large wheels, as well as an electric start option.

TTR125L is a great medium sized dirt bike for kids and small adults.

The TTR125 might be the most affordable and best value dirt bike on the used market if you’re an adult that’s just getting into dirt biking.

Who is the TTR 125 good for?

Since there’s a small wheel, large wheel, and electric start options, there’s a wide range it’s good for. If you’re in the 4’8″-5’0″ height range, the small wheel TTR125 would be a good size for you. If you’re 5’0-5’6″ then the larger wheel TTR125L is a better fit.

There are also kick-start only and electric start models – they have an “E” at the end of the model name (TTR125E/TTR125LE). If you can live without electric start, you might be able to get a kick-start TTR for cheaper.

The latest TTR125 model with electric start and newer plastic/tank


Low seat height

Easy to find on the used market

Two size options plus electric or kick-start options

Easy to find parts for


Suspension is soft if you’re over 130 lbs

Small if you’re over 5’8″ tall

Has the least amount of power on this list of best adult bikes

Honda XR200

While the XR200 hasn’t been made since 2002 in the US, it’s still one of the best beginner dirt bikes for adults on a budget because it’s easy to ride, it has full size wheels, it’s very forgiving, and it’s as reliable as it gets.

With a little bit of suspension tuning/mods, it’s a very capable woods bike for trail riding. That’s why I took it out to Colorado for my first week of riding out there a number of years ago.

Riding in the mountains on a “Beginner Bike” built my confidence

Who is the XR200 for?

The ’86-’91 XR200 years are taller and have a little better suspension. They’re a good size if you’re 5’4″-6’0″ tall. The 1992-2002 XR 200 has a lower seat height, so it’s better if your height is around 5’2″-5’8″.

Overall, the XR200 is still the best cheap beginner dirt bike for adults if you don’t mind having a kick-starter and a carburetor. The only problem is that they’re getting harder to find in the used market – especially in good shape because many owners didn’t maintain them well.


Super easy to ride for any adult over 5’4″

Full-size wheels – handles better off-road

Lowest seat height for full-size dirt bike

Fairly easy to kick-start – compared to bigger bikes

Nice plush seat

As reliable as it gets


No electric start option

1993+ model years have lesser/lower suspension

Bikes/parts are getting harder to find

Yamaha TTR230

While the TTR230 is still being made today, it’s been around since 2005 and hasn’t really changed. That means that you can buy an older year for less money but it will still be like a new model!

The TTR 230 is comparable to the XR200 I just mentioned, but it’s supposed to compete with the newer CRF230F. The reasons you can find it cheaper are: it’s been around for almost 20 years, and it didn’t get quite as popular as the Honda – there’s less of a demand, so the value is slightly lower on the used market.

The ’05 TTR230 is still as good as the ’22

Who is the TTR230 for?

It’s a full-size bike with a slightly lower seat height than the enduro models, so it’s good if you have shorter legs like me. It’s a good size if you’re 5’4″-6’0″, depending on your inseam.

It’s a quite a bit heavier than the TTR125, but it doesn’t feel that heavy unless you have to pick it up off the ground. If you have good balance technique, then you don’t need to worry about that!


Electric start

Very easy to ride

Handles well in the trails, despite being heavy

Low seat height for a full-size dirt bike

Very reliable


Slightly more expensive due to being newer

No back-up kick-start

Noticeably heavier than the XR200

Honda XR250

Like the XR200, the Honda XR250R is still popular after being discontinued for nearly 20 years. It has noticeably more power than the 200, and it’s slightly bigger in size.

With two cams, a bigger engine, a longer chassis, and better suspension, the XR250 is best suited for moderately tight to open single-track trails. With a good fork and shock set-up, it can be a very good woods bike.

XR250R full-size trail bike for adults

Who is the XR250 for?

If the XR200 is a little bit too small for you, then the XR 250 is the next logical choice. It’s a good size if you’re 5’6″-6’0″ tall. The suspension is a little soft if you’re a heavier rider, but there are mods you can do to make it more comfortable.


Plenty of power for virtually any size adult that’s a beginner

Extremely reliable

Decent suspension for trail riding

More stable than the XR200 & TTR230


Slightly harder to kick-start

Getting harder to find used bikes and parts

Big and heavy if you’re a smaller/shorter adult

What are my top 2 picks for beginners?

Still can’t decide? The 2 dirt bikes that are generally the cheapest for sale are the TTR125 and the XR200.

If you’re a short adult, then the TTR125 is a great bike to start on. The XR200 will fit most adults, but there are several more that can be good cheap off-road bikes as well.

Cheap motocross bikes for adults

Maybe you’re ready to upgrade to a motocross bike because you’re confident enough to start racing on tracks. They generally cost more than a trail bike for starts because they have a lot better technology – engine, suspension, chassis, brakes, etc.

With that said, there are a few MX bikes that I commonly find are cheaper than other brands and models, but are still good are reliable.

These are the best cheap used motocross bikes for adults:

KX100 – small MX bike for adults

Not ready for a full-size dirt bike but still want a motocross bike? The KX100 is a great option if you can find one because it has the bigger wheels compared to the small wheel KX85 while still being a few inches shorter seat height than a 125 two-stroke.

The KX100 engine makes smoother power compared to most 85’s, such as the CR85 and YZ85. This makes it easier to ride and use the clutch because you don’t have to keep the throttle pinned at a high RPM. Many girls and short adults use these for trail riding after some simple mods.

’98 KX100 2-stroke MX bike


Nice, low seat height for short guys/girls

Best low-end torque for a mini 2-stroke easier to ride/handle

Extremely lightweight feeling – good if you’re not strong

Power can be tuned with pipe/flywheel/mods


2 stroke still requires pre-mixing gas

Powerband can be intimidating at first

Clutch is hard to learn if you’re a beginner

YZ125 – Budget 2 stroke mx bike

The YZ125 is still the most popular 125cc 2 stroke dirt bike for many reasons. Unfortunately, the 2005 & newer is still pretty expensive to buy used because Yamaha hasn’t updated it until just recently.

It’s just an overall great bike for a 125 because it’s reliable, handles well, and makes good overall power – especially low-to-midrange, which makes it easier to ride and control.

Which model year?

With that said, this is the perfect reason to get a 2004 or older YZ 125 if you’re on a budget. The demand is lower, but the performance is just about as good.

Typical used ’03 YZ125

The 2002-2004 models are lightweight and narrow feeling to ride. The only possible downside is the 5 speed transmission (if you absolutely need 6 gears).

The 99-01 year models are great as well and are super reliable. Finding a clean and well maintained YZ125 may be somewhat difficult, but they’re a worthy motocross bike if you’re an adult or growing teen.


Very reliable for a motocross bike

Broad power curve for a 125 2-stroke – easier to ride than other 125’s

Lightweight compared to a 250F MX bike

Bikes and parts are easy to find used

Teaches your proper technique to be a good rider


It’s tall – the tallest bike you can buy (same as a 250F or 450F)

Harder to ride than a 4-stroke

Pre-mixing gas

Top-ends usually don’t last quite as long

YZ250F – Budget 4 stroke mx bike

Looking to start racing motocross but want a 4 stroke? The YZ250F is not only the most affordable, but it’s the most reliable 250F mx bike. It’s been around since 2001, so you can find them for less than other 250F’s on average.

2006 is when the YZ250F went to an aluminum frame, and they start getting expensive at that point.

2005 Yamaha YZ250F


It’s always been the most reliable 250F MX bike

Good low-end and midrange torque – easier to ride

Good suspension – comfortable when tuned to your weight

Bikes are parts are still easy to find used


Engine rebuilds are more expensive

More likely to overheat when idling/riding slow

The best cheap & reliable motocross bike?

I’ve owned and ridden almost every dirt bike brand, and Yamaha is always near the top for overall performance and reliability. Yamaha is also the best value dirt bike because they’re relatively inexpensive. The best cheap motocross bikes are the Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250F, but it depends on the model year that you buy.

What’s the best dirt bike for adults?

I’ve covered the top choices, but I’ll include some other good dirt bikes that are cheap. They might be harder to find, but it would be good to keep them on your list if you’re struggling to find the right model.

Best cheap small dirt bikes for adults:

Best starter dirt bikes for adults that are inexpensive:

Best affordable motocross bikes for adults:

Yamaha YZ125

Yamaha YZ250F

Yamaha YZ250

Best cheap enduro bikes

Maybe you’re an experienced trail rider and just looking to get back into dirt biking on a budget.

These are my picks for the top enduro bikes for cheap:

A KTM 200 EXC has the latest in technology and is the best of this list, but it’s usually the most expensive when it comes to used dirt bikes because it’s still a great bike. The KDX 200 is a very similar enduro bike, but the older-style suspension and slightly less power is why they’re generally cheaper.

The KLX300 is slightly heavier, but still a great trail bike for single-track trails. All of these bikes can be turned into excellent woods dirt bikes with some fairly simple mods. With properly tuned suspension and a smooth power delivery, you can beat up on modern enduro motorcycles, which doesn’t make them happy!

Best cheap dirt bikes for sale online

While I’m not a fan of the cheapest dirt bikes for sale online, you can still have fun with them. They won’t have the same performance, reliability and durability, but maybe those aren’t important for you if you’re looking for a first dirt bike, so that’s why I’m including this short list.

The best cheap dirt bikes/pit bikes you can buy online are:

125cc: OPA 125cc (Amazon) – similar in size to a Yamaha TTR 125

150cc: X-PRO Hawk 150cc (Amazon) – similar in size to a Honda CRF150F

250cc: X-PRO 250cc (Amazon) – comparable to a Yamaha TTR 230

How to get a used dirt bike for cheap

First, you must know that you may have to wait some time to get an actual good deal on a cheap dirt bike. You may find one within the first week, but if you’re looking for a specific brand and model bike, you may have to wait months.

Knowing what to look for when you get there is half the battle. Being able to spot signs that the bike has been well maintained or not will give you the best chance of getting it for cheap.

The top things to look for when buying a used dirt bike are:

Oil level and color

Air filter – is it clean, dirty, falling apart?

Coolant level – if it’s liquid-cooled with radiators

Overall look and cleanliness – are there bolts missing/mismatching?

Cheapest dirt bike brands – are they any good?

Looking at those pit bikes and dirt bikes for $599 or similar brand new? These may be cheap to buy brand new, but they’re made in China and are poor quality compared to the name brand dirt bikes from Japan and Europe.

An “SSR” pit bike is not great but it’s better than the Sams Club specials…

I recommend staying away from these inexpensive dirt bikes and pit bikes if you plan on riding for more than a year. They’re not very durable if you’re riding aggressive, and parts will be hard to get in the future.

Best dirt bikes under 1000

There are two categories of dirt bikes to consider when looking for one that costs $1000 or less: a used name brand dirt bike or a brand new off brand dirt bike.

Both have their pros and cons, which you know by now, but just to clarify…

A used name brand off-road motorcycle is more durable and reliable if it’s been properly maintained, and parts is usually easier to find.

A new off-brand motorcycle will generally require more maintenance and “tweaking” out of the box to get it to run well, but works, nonetheless. Parts and servicing may be hard to comb by.

With that said, the best used dirt bikes for sale under $1000 are:

Honda XR 100

Kawasaki KLX 125

Suzuki DRZ 125

Yamaha TT225

The best cheap dirt bikes for sale under $1000 are:

Are dirt bikes under 1000 worth it?

The biggest problems with “cheap dirt bikes”, such as the Apollo 125cc on Amazon, is that the build quality is lower and they’re harder to fix/repair if something breaks or wears out.

The materials are cheaper and less durable (the reason why they’re cheap to buy), and the assembly isn’t always good (loose or missing parts is common).

If you fall and break something, it might be hard or impossible to find a dealer that stocks a replacement part. If you do find one, it might take a long time to be delivered.

For as cheap as they are, they’re definitely usable and functional, but you just have to expect that it won’t last nearly as long as a name brand dirt bike.

How to buy a cheap used dirt bike without getting screwed

Now that you know what used dirt bikes are affordable, I want to show you how to not end up with a bike that’s going to need $1000+ of repairs shortly after buying it. Whether it’s because the seller doesn’t know about potential issues or they are trying to hide something, it’s easy to buy a dirt bike that “looks good” but is actually a “polished turd”.

That’s why I want to show you the most common mistakes people make when buying a dirt bike and how to prevent it from happening to here. I put together a free guide and want you to have it: click here to download it.

Best Affordable Motorcycles to Buy in USA

Motorcycles are very admirable vehicles that outperform cars for many. Driving one will never fail to make you feel powerful and free. But this magnificent feeling isn’t cheap. Motorcycles could be a big budget and not easy to afford, but if you’ve made up your mind about purchasing a motorcycle without draining your bank account, there’re many ways to do so.

Here’s the complete guide on how to find the best affordable motorcycle in America.

Best Two Places to Find Cheap Motorcycles?

Local dealerships

Local motorcycle dealerships are the most convenient way to find affordable bikes. They usually have a variety of used motorcycles to select from, and the purchase is usually less risky than a private seller.

Still, not all dealerships are trustworthy; you have to do your homework and conduct comprehensive research on nearby dealerships. Take your time to research their reputation and reliability, and then you can make a rational decision.


If you’re not keen on roaming the streets and going from one dealership to another, you can shop for affordable motorcycles from the comfort of your home. eBay is a great platform to purchase used or new motorcycles.

Start browsing a motorcycle inventory by specifying your preferences for the bike’s model, color, year, etc. Once you know the kind of motorcycle you’re looking for, filter the given options by location, price, condition, etc.

And because buying from a private seller is risky, you must take precautions. Review the eBay sellers’ profiles thoroughly by reading the feedback and researching them on Google.

Tips for Buying the Best Affordable Motorcycles

Buy a used motorcycle

It’s a fact that used motorcycles are more affordable than new ones, and there are many things to ensure before making the purchase. For example, the tires’ age can dramatically affect the bike’s performance. So, ensure they’re worthy of road use by checking the date stamped on them. Driving a motorcycle with aged tires is dangerous to you, the road, and passengers, so make sure they’re strong enough to handle rides.

Another thing you have to examine is the maintenance record. This record will give you an insight into the bike’s state and if its previous owner has taken good care of it or not. It’s a deal breaker; if the motorcycle doesn’t have a maintenance record, you better call off the deal and look for another bike.

Keep the insurance in mind

Many buyers only focus on the bike’s price; they don’t consider the insurance and even forget to ask how much it costs. However, motorcycle insurance could be a massive budget, occupying a big part of a motorcycle’s overall cost.

Many things affect your insurance, including age, state, and the motorcycle’s capacity, value, safety, and theft rating. So, you may fall in love with two motorcycles that cost the same, but the insurance of one is more expensive than the other.

What’s motorcycle insurance?

A motorcycle’s insurance is similar to automobile insurance, and it would cover your liability if you had an accident that caused bodily injuries or property damages.

Have a road test

The road test is a non-negotiable part of the deal. You must try the motorcycle and ensure it runs properly and smoothly, and you have to ensure that the engine is easy to start and not noisy.

Consider the bike’s height as well; you must be able to plant both your feet in the ground for a safe and confident drive. Last but not least, the motorcycle’s weight. Even though a bike will be heavy, you must ensure how the weight is distributed. For example, a bike with a low-down weight is certainly lighter and easier to ride than a top-heavy one.

How to Ship a Motorcycle?

Once you’ve discovered the bike of your dreams and agreed with the seller on all details, it’s time to deliver your dear new vehicle home. Driving to the seller’s accommodation and picking your new motorcycle up could be a good idea if the seller is in the same region as yours.

However, if the bike you went for is in another state, driving your car would cost you a fortune. So, it would be a good decision if you hire a vehicle shipping company to pick up the bike from the dealer in another state and deliver it to your home.

Motorcycle shipping isn’t as expensive as many people believe. You can save by booking an open trailer instead of an enclosed one. It’s economical and safe, especially if your motorcycle is in good condition. But, make sure you request quotes from many shipping companies, make a cost-benefit analysis, and settle for the most affordable and qualified company.

Tempus Logix is a reputable auto transport company that offers motorcycle shipping across the United States. The company has an online motorcycle shipping cost calculator where clients can get an accurate cost estimation for shipping their vehicles, including motorcycles.

Read also about How to Ship a Vintage Motorcycle.

The Bottom Line

Finding a bike in a good state for a reasonable price won’t be easy; you have to know how to research and whom to trust. The golden advice is to do extensive research and don’t settle for the first deal a seller offers. Yet, take your time, study your options carefully, and always seek the help of a professional.

Best Cheap Motorcycles for Beginners

Q. Should I buy a new or a used motorcycle as my first bike?

A. If you are thinking about buying a used motorcycle, it’s going to be a lot cheaper. Not only will you save money, you will also be able to choose different models that are currently not in production. Those are the only two pros for buying a used motorcycle, everything else is pretty much cons. When you buy used bike you don’t know how reliable that bike is, you don’t know how the previous owner treated it and this goes for dealers and private parties like Craigslist as well. There are certain things even the dealers will not be able to look.

However, with a brand new bike you spend more money but there is much less of a risk involved. You buy brand new bike with an assurance that as long as you take care of it, the bike will be very economical. Besides, a brand new bike comes with a good feeling knowing that you’re the first person to ride the bike. That is kind of satisfying somehow.

So in our opinion whether you should buy used or new; new bike is better pretty much in every single way. Unless you really like an old model bike that is currently not available in the market, it’s smart to save money until you are financially strong enough to buy a brand new bike.

Q. Things to know before buying a motorcycle

A. Firstly, make sure you have a repair manual. Go on eBay or Craigslist and buy one that’s used, you don’t really need a new one. They’re anywhere between $15 and $30 depending on your brand. These manuals will pay for themselves in many different ways throughout the ownership of the bike, and have all the information you could need to work on your bike.

To be honest the chances are very less that you do not miss anything while purchasing a brand new bike. However, there are some crucial things that need to be kept in mind while you are at it.

Make sure it’s not missing any parts. Check the swing arm spools. Make sure the chain is clean and properly waxed. Check the engine oil level from the sight glass. Check the air filter. Check for any missing bolts and any type of dent/scratches. Thoroughly check the handlebars and the foot pegs. Make sure they are tight and scratch free.

Q. Factors to consider when buying a motorcycle

A. There are few things you should consider before buying your first motorcycle.

First and the foremost thing before buying a motorcycle is to understand its usage. Think whether you are a daily commuter or a weekend getaway person. You can be cruising on a highway or hustling through the traffic on the same day, so think about the usage before purchasing.

Next comes the budget, fix a benchmark before you do your research. This will help you to sort the ones in your range.

Another important parameter is to consider the mileage. Mileage specified by the manufacturers is conducted under test conditions; real-time fuel efficiency may vary in accordance with riding style and condition. So make sure you are aware of the mileage before finalizing one.

Most buyers will forget about this but it is equally important. Make sure you select the brand that provides maintenance, servicing and has an extensive network of sales and service with readily available spare parts.

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