9 Things You Should Have for Your Car

9 Things You Should Have for Your Car


Many of us spend a good part of the day inside our cars. You could head out for the day, thinking you’re fully prepared, and then you find the opposite is true. Maybe it’s something as infuriating as your jack being unable to get the car high enough for you to easily remove a flat tire, or something as simple as wanting to not have to dig through a mound of stuff in your trunk to find a specific item.

With all that in mind, here’s a list of must-haves for your car to make a trip more comfortable, for sudden emergencies, or to make tasks easier to accomplish.

An Extra Blanket

No matter how far you’re driving, you’d still want the trip to be comfortable. You don’t have to turn the car into a second home on wheels, but it’s still a good idea to have a few items, like an extra blanket, to make the drive easier in some way.


If you’re driving long distances and can’t find a place to stay for the night, you can pull over somewhere it’s safe to do so and sleep in your car, and you won’t get cold thanks to the blanket. Or you can use it to stay warm in cold weather, as long as you make sure the blanket won’t hamper your movements.

Universal Phone Mount

A universal phone mount that fits in the small gap by the controls/display of your dash is another must-have. The size and placement of such a phone mount means your phone will neither clutter up your dashboard nor block the air conditioning vents, but is still right where you need it.

Heated Seat Cushion

Then there’s a heated seat cushion, especially if a warm compress keeps muscle pains away or the climate calls for it. Ideally, you’ll want one with lumbar support, straps into place easily without taking away from the space between you and the steering column, and has enough wiggle room thanks to a long cord.

Trunk Organizer

Cars can end up getting quite cluttered, making it harder for us to keep them clean. A trunk organizer will help combat that, thanks to its variety of pocket sizes. They should help you turn clutter central into a neat and tidy space where you can easily find what you’re looking for. These organizers typically come in different sizes, allowing you to store a whole host of items from tools to packages, and are easy to transfer from trunk to passenger compartment or vice versa.

Car Vacuum

A car vacuum is another must-have, particularly if the model you have can help suck up both dry and liquid messes. Ideally, yours should have a hose that’s long enough as well as a variety of attachments, so you can clean every nook and cranny.


This water-displacing spray can do a lot to help keep your car dirt-free, from helping clean license plates to removing stubborn decals, from getting rid of bird droppings to cleaning tire sidewalls.

Duct Tape

You don’t have to be a DIY master, but at the very least, you’ll want to have certain items that will help make it easier for you to take care of sudden repairs. Duct tape is an example of that. It's as much of a must-have as WD-40 when it comes to quick fixes. You can use it to reattach mirrors and keep a broken taillight from falling out, and even patch leaking hoses.

Portable Creeper Seat

Don't let the name fool you; it's not for creeping up on people. Rather, this kind of seat will help make it easier and more comfortable to slide under your car and take a peek when you need to pinpoint what's causing a problem. A convertible model that folds up will be easy to store when not in use, since it won't take up too much space in your passenger compartment or trunk.

Portable Car Lift

When you go to an auto repair shop, you may have seen the lifts that they use to, well, lift vehicles up off the ground in order to get at the chassis and other components that are usually hard to see and reach. This is a portable version of that. A car jack is fine for tire changes, but what about if you need to take a look under your car? As you can tell, a car lift will be more helpful, since it will ensure there's enough space for you to get under and make any fixes you need to.

The Takeaway

A car kit isn’t just a set of tools and an early warning system; it’s whatever can make your life as driver and car owner easier. Start off with what you feel is the most important addition to your car kit, and build it up over time. So if repairs are your priority, you can start looking for, say, a portable car lift or a creeper seat, and then move on up or down the list as you please.

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